Action Tab (Update User)

20 Nov 2023

Updating user details and access easily is one of the best features offered by VeriDoc Certificates! Let us learn how to do that without any confusion. Firstly, log in to your VeriDoc Certificates account using the registered email address and password. Once all the verification is over, g to the Manage User tab – this will display to you all the added users on your account along with their User ID, Name, Email Address, Certificates Used, Date Created, Status and Action. Scroll down on the user list or use the Search Console to find the exact user you are looking for. Once found, click the Edit button under the Action column beside the selected user. An Update User page will be displayed to you where you can edit user details like User Type (admin/user), First Name, Last Name, Email, Position Title, Phone Number and Current Access.
After all the details are edited and checked, scroll down the same page and you will see a Save button at the end. Click on the Save button to save all the edited user details on your VeriDoc Certificates account. Also, a message pop-up will indicate that the new user details are successfully saved.