How Digital Certificate Validation Can Avoid Certification Fraud

07 Mar 2024

It is important to keep your digital activities secure and safe in today's digital world. Every day, there are reports of cybercrime and digital fraud. Digital certificates and documents have become increasingly important as the digital era progresses. Documents and certificates must be sent and received on digital platforms every day today. It becomes a smooth sailing process with VeriDoc Certificates. To ensure that your valuable documents and certificates are secure and portable, we use advanced blockchain technologies. 

With the widespread use of digital technologies, certificate forgery appears to be a real risk. There is no doubt that forged educational certificates have been an inevitable problem in the academic community. Students and certificate-issuing institutions such as colleges, schools, universities, and other academic institutions faced a lot of chaos.

Considering these circumstances, your educational institution should implement a blockchain QR code to prevent counterfeit certificates.

What are the benefits of VeriDoc certificates?

With VeriDoc Certificates, you're protected by groundbreaking blockchain technology. By doing so, they are prevented from being misused and other unnecessary hassles. We have developed patented verification technology that allows organizations to,

  • All your documents and certificates can be verified easily

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness

  • Fraudulent activities and scams are reduced

The benefits of VeriDoc Certificates go beyond those mentioned above. By reducing the waiting time to verify certificates and documents from employees and other organizations, organizations using our cyber security blockchain technology save valuable time and effort. As well as selecting the privacy of the certificates, they can also control who can view and verify them. 

How are VeriDoc Certificates different from others?

VeriDoc Certificate is a leading, trusted platform that makes it easy to stop document and certification forgeries by utilizing patented QR codes. Through manageable QR codes, academic institutions can easily make their certificates tamper-proof and verifiable with utmost convenience and ease.

With the platform, educational bodies can generate secure certificates from scratch, which can be verified easily. There are, however, several beneficial features of certificates issued by VeriDoc Certificates.

1: Simple verification process: Anyone can validate the certificates with blockchain QR codes from anywhere via smartphones. Accounts aren't necessary. No network connectivity requires.

2: Document Transparency: Most documents are presented as scanned copies or even as images. QR codes can be incorporated in all formats.

3: Storing documents in the blockchain forever: All documents and data get stored in the blockchain with the highest security assurance.

4: Easy QR code accessibility: Certificates have fully finished auto-generated secure QR Codes, which are easy to access.

5: Cost Efficiency: The platform has simple pricing models. Just pay for the certificates you issue.

Blockchain technology incorporates secure QR codes extensively. As a result, you can rest assured that your information is secure on two levels. In addition to collecting and storing student data, educational institutes can use this safe QR code technology to verify and certify the identity of students.

In order to prevent certificate forgery, create encrypted QR Codes based on blockchain with VeriDoc Certificates for each education certificate you issue. You can contact us through our official website if you would like additional information on digital certificates and how to start.