QR Codes on Certificates: Eliminate Forgery With VeriDoc Certificates

26 Apr 2024

With the evolution of the e-learning industry, concerns and anxiety over its security and authentication are also climbing abruptly. Since the economy is under siege from the COVID-19 outbreak, the whole educational system got redirected to digital mode resulting in a new transition.

However, with the extensive emergence of digital technologies, the risk of certificate forgery appears to be true. Clearly, in the academic community, forged educational certificates have been an inevitable dilemma. It poked loads of chaos for students and certificate-issuing institutes like colleges, schools, universities, and other academic establishments.

In light of these circumstances, your educational institution should incorporate a blockchain QR code to protect against counterfeit certificates.

Why are QR Codes important for certificate authentication?

Due to an increasing number of scheming educational certificates and documents, the need for verification has also been raised. Surprisingly, only one of every four institutions is confident in its capability to identify forged certificates and documents by itself.

Henceforth, encrypted QR codes are the best certificate authentication solution to track and control certificate forgery. QR codes help manage the authenticity of any certificate conveniently.

Additionally, the integrity of certificate issuing bodies (an educational institution et al.) is under threat because of the increasing vulnerability of certificate forgery. To authenticate all the certifications, QR codes are essential. Using QR codes, the certification process would be faster, safer, and hassle-free.

Similarly, since the authentication of academic certificates is a fundamental component of QR codes, the issuing body can effortlessly identify and monitor any certificate online. Moreover, the blockchain QR codes generated from VeriDoc Certificates notify and updates certificate holders, awarding institutions, and third-party users. So, with just one scan, they can access the termination date or the certification of their credentials.

What makes VeriDoc Certificates more convenient than others?

VeriDoc Certificate is a leading, trusted platform that makes document and certification forgery easy to stop with patented QR codes. So, any academic organisation can make their certificates tamper-proof and verifiable uber-swiftly at utmost convenience and without any hassle—all thanks to manageable QR codes.

The platform engineered the secured certificate to generate a solution from scratch, which educational bodies need for easy verifications. However, the following are beneficial features of certificates from VeriDoc Certificates.

1: Simple verification process: Anyone can validate the certificates with blockchain QR codes from anywhere via smartphones. Accounts aren't necessary. No network connectivity requires.

2: Document Transparency: Most documents are presented as scanned copies or even as images. QR codes can be incorporated in all formats.

3: Storing documents in the blockchain forever: All documents and data get stored in the blockchain with the highest security assurance.

4: Easy QR code accessibility: Certificates have fully finished auto-generated secure QR Codes, which are easy to access.

5: Cost Efficiency: The platform has simple pricing models. Just pay for the certificates you issue.

The bottom line

Secure QR codes are highly incorporated into blockchain technology. So, you can rest assured of two-level security. Educational institutes can use this safest QR code technology in various contexts, from collecting and storing student data to verifying and certifying student identity.

So, For each education certificate you issue, create an encrypted QR Code based on blockchain with VeriDoc Certificates to prevent certificate forgeries. For additional information on a safe QR Code and how to get started, you may contact us through our official website.