The Importance Of Securing Your Certificates Digitally

26 Apr 2024

In today’s digital world, it is crucial to keep your digital activities safe and secure. There are reports of cybercrime and digital fraudulent activities every day. With the advent of the digital era, the importance of digital certificates and documents is immense. Today, we need to send and receive documents and certificates on the digital platform daily. With VeriDoc Certificates, the entire process becomes smooth sailing. We use advanced blockchain technologies to keep your invaluable documents and certificates secured and portable for your use.

Why choose VeriDoc Certificates?

VeriDoc Certificates use breakthrough blockchain technology to protect your original certificates. This prevents their misuse and other such unnecessary hassles. Our patented verification technology allows organizations to,

  • Easily verify the authenticity of all your documents and certificates

  • Improve overall efficiency

  • Decrease the risk of scams and other such fraudulent activities

Not just the above-mentioned benefits, there is more to VeriDoc Certificates. Organizations using our cyber security blockchain technology save valuable time and effort by the reduced waiting time to verify certificates and documents from employees, and other organizations. They also have the advantage to select the privacy of the certificates – who can view and verify and also who cannot. 

Benefits of having digital certificates and documents

There are several advantages of having your certificates and documents on the digital platform. Though some still prefer the traditional methods of verification. But most of them are switching to digital platforms due to the availability of cutting-edge authentication technologies. Using the blockchain security technology, VeriDoc Certificates offer you several benefits, including:

  • Certificate management made easy – Now the document issuer can easily disable the verification for canceled or expired certificates. When enabled, the users will automatically get a message when trying to scan or verify those certificates.

  • Availability of certificate templates – With VeriDoc Certificates, you can customize digital certificate templates fit for your organization’s use. These templates can be managed simply through our web application and need no other existing software or special codes. 

  • Managing users easily – You can choose who to select as admin and user at your convenience. This control enables you to have full control over your digital certificates and prevent any kind of misuse. 

  • Simple verification method – You can easily verify the authenticity of any certificates by just scanning using your mobile. Once all the technology checks are over, a verification page will display the original certificate for a final visual comparison. 

  • Good for your organization – Using VeriDoc certificates blockchain technology, you can verify the certificates your organization acquires and sends. This empowers greater trust and confidence among peers and other organizations. 

The advent of blockchain technology in digital security has changed the way we verify and authenticate digital certificates and documents. At VeriDoc Certificates, we believe in providing the best user experience. Our one-of-a-kind blockchain verification technology is patented in over 90 countries globally. This allows you to keep your certificates protected and viable forever. We have worked to bring the best of technology to you for better verification and greater efficiency and improved productivity, every time!