The Use Of Blockchain Technology To Combat Fake Certificates

06 Oct 2023

VeriDoc Certificates

Digital certificates are becoming more popular in the market because they provide a level of security and trust. VeriDoc Digital Certificates are secured by blockchain technology which makes them even more secure.

Using Blockchain Technology To Combat Fake Certificates.

One of the most difficult challenges for officials is distinguishing between genuine and fake certificates. Forged certificates (both soft and hard copies) are inexpensively available on the internet. This creates doubt and uncertainty about the document source's legitimacy. Despite the existence of conventional methods for detecting fake certification, those are not completely reliable. Furthermore, the entire process is lengthy and expensive.

The integration of blockchain technology is the answer to this issue. The best way to address the growing concern about fake certificates or documents is to issue conventional records as digital certificates on the blockchain. When a business creates a digital certificate on the blockchain, it can be instantaneously verified by simply clicking on the verification link or scanning a QR code.

Issuers can ensure that their certificates remain irreversible and immediately verifiable by incorporating blockchain technology.

Issue VeriDoc Digital Certificates

It is not difficult to create a digital certificate on the blockchain.  You only need to use a platform, such as VeriDoc Certificates. Organisations are substituting extensive manual mechanisms involved in printing new certificates, tracking, and checking the pre-issued certificates with VeriDoc Certificates. They are decreasing operational inefficiencies and errors while increasing time efficiency and productivity. 

For this problem, a solid solution is required, and we have developed our most recent remedy - VeriDoc Certificates. It is an easy-to-use solution for businesses that want to use a secure certificate management system to issue, store, and share digital certificates. How? VeriDoc Certificates employs cutting-edge technologies like blockchain to provide each of your certificates with a unique QR code that cannot be replicated and that can be scanned to verify the certificates' authenticity in seconds. Don't jeopardise your company's reputation. Don't waste any time responding to a manual verification process!