"Why Are Digital Certificates Important In 2023? "

06 Oct 2023

Having digital certificates to show your talent and expertise to employers has been one of the major benefits of digitization. 

So, keep your knowledge ever-growing by digitally securing your hard-earned certificates with VeriDoc Certificates.

Digital certificates are:

  • Your digital identity

  • Easy & quick to send/store

  • Employers can verify them easily

  • Looks professional

  • Safe from any harm or fraudulent activities

With more and more companies preferring remote professional for all kinds of tasks, the value of digital certificates today have gone up abruptly. The entire remote work culture has helped us a lot during the pandemic and lockdowns. While people were trapped in their homes, they could easily complete online training and tasks to keep them motivated and updated with the digitized world. Having digital certificates in your repertoire adds extra points to your professional life and makes your life much easier!

Many training institutes and companies are introducing skill-based certification courses that provide you with improved knowledge and hands-on skills. These certifications are mostly taught on various online modes and award you with digital certificates on completion. Speaking professionally, these certificates are more user-friendly than the traditional paper ones as,

  • They are easy to store

  • Quick to send

  • Companies can verify them without any hassle

  • You can attach them to your social media profiles for better visibility

  • Much more professional 

  • Safe from any physical harm and age-damage

Here are a few crucial reasons that you need to know today about the convenience of having digital certificates:

Say no to storage issues

Today ‘lifelong learning’ has become a fairly popular statement among professionals from various backgrounds. This means we can go on sharpening our knowledge to develop knowledge, skills, interests, and capabilities with a personal, social, and employment-related approach. Most training takes place online, so most certificates you get today are digital. 

Having digital certificates saves us from storage problems, thus you need no extra space for all your hard-earned certificates. It has also eliminated the potential fear of certificate loss and damage due to various pests, water, fire, or humidity. 

More accurate

Digital certificates are easier to verify by companies, institutions and others that need to be sure about your accomplishments and identity. Most professionals use blockchain technologies to protect their certificates online and send them to the respective individual for quick authentication. Most companies and institutes are greatly aware of certification fraud and cybercrime activities. So, sending them a blockchain-verified certificate makes it easier for them to validate your credentials and develop trust in you. 

Keep your certificates safe

Some of the persistent and pretty scary problems of going digital are cyber-attacks and security issues. Since digital certificates contain your personal information, they are your identity. Thus, making them more prone to fraudulent activities. Investing in good blockchain security technology is always wise to protect your certificates and prevent them from any misuse. You can find many reliable blockchain applications you can trust with your valuable possessions. 

Take your career to new heights 

The entire world has gone through a rapid change in digitization. With innovative technological developments, now we have easy access to many courses and programs digitally that were previously hard to consider. So, today you can enroll in professional development certification courses or skill-based development training. These programs award you with digital certificates which boost your career massively. Having digital certificates to prove your excellence in the professional world is a must-have for swift career growth.

In conclusion

Technological advancements in recent years have proven to be a boon for mankind. The opportunities for professional growth we have today are far more than what we had in the last decade. It opens up newer windows of career growth and knowledge development. Having digital certificates to showcase your talent and expertise has been one of the major benefits of digitization. 

Henceforth, keep your knowledge ever-growing by digitally securing your certificate data with globally trusted blockchain technology. For more insights and solutions, visit VeriDoc Certificates today!