Why Digital Certificates are Better Than Physical Certificates?

06 Oct 2023

VeriDoc Certificates

For many years, physical certificates were the gold standard for recognising achievement in academic and professional contexts. But with the rise of digital technology, there has been a shift away from physical certificates to digital ones. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to convenience, transparency, security and cost-effectiveness, VeriDoc digital certificates are far superior. In this blog post, we’ll explore why VeriDoc digital certificates are better than physical certificates and why you should consider making the switch.

The Problem with Physical Certificates

One of the biggest problems with physical certificates is that they can be easily lost or stolen. If you misplace your physical certificate, there is no way to track it down or replace it. With a digital certificate, however, you can store it securely on your computer or in the cloud and always have access to it.

Another problem with physical certificates is that they can be forged. It is relatively easy to create a fake physical certificate but much more difficult to forge a digital certificate. This is because VeriDoc digital certificates are usually signed on a secured platform.

Finally, physical certificates are often expensive to print and ship. By contrast, VeriDoc digital certificates are free or very low-cost.

The Solution? - VeriDoc digital certificates It Is.

The first reason VeriDoc digital certificates are better than physical certificates is that they're more convenient. You can keep them stored on VeriDoc Certificates, and they're always available when you need them. There's no need to worry about losing them or having them stolen.

Another reason VeriDoc digital certificates are better is that they're more secure. With physical certificates, there's always the risk that they could be counterfeit or forged. But with VeriDoc digital certificates, each certificate is unique and can be verified by the issuing authority.

Finally, VeriDoc digital certificates are more affordable than physical certificates. There's no need to pay for printing or shipping costs, and you can usually get discounts when you buy them in bulk.

Get Your Own Digital Certificate with VeriDoc Certificates

VeriDoc Certificates are the quickest and easiest way to get your own digital certificate. They provide end-to-end certificate management services, i.e., creating, storing, and sending certificates safely.  We offer four different types of pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Pro and Advanced. You can choose the package based on your business and personal preferences.


VeriDoc digital certificates, like VeriDoc Certificates, provide many advantages compared to traditional physical certificates, such as greater security, cost savings and convenience. They are becoming increasingly popular in both business and academic spaces due to the flexibility they offer and their ability to be easily tracked and verified. VeriDoc digital certificates have become a critical element of today's digital world, so it is worth understanding the benefits they offer before making any decisions.