Can I disable expired or canceled certificates?

09 Jan 2024

Yes absolutely! With VeriDoc Certificates, you can now easily manage and review all your stored certificates whenever needed. Verification for expired or cancelled certificates can be turned off by document issuers. Users who attempt to scan and validate a cancelled certificate can be alerted by adding a message.

Verification of cancelled or expired certificates is a complete time waste. Many digital certificate solution still does not allow their users to review or remove them. Moreover, these unusable certificates can be a big mess for users.

VeriDoc Certificates allow you to disable verification for these certificates. Not just that, the admin can also add a customisable message/notification which will notify the users or viewers about the current status of the expired or cancelled certificates.

This feature helps the admins to make documentation mess-free and simple. It gives a clear view of the certificates that are active and certificates that are expired or not usable anymore.

The certificate management feature is an amazing way to use VeriDoc Certificates to save your time and effort. This also makes sure that you do not send any expired or cancelled certificates for verification by mistake.

VeriDoc Certificates give you full control to manage and access all your certificates in one place. Now enjoy increased productivity, improved efficiency, and document transparency with VeriDoc certificates.