Can I send digital certificates to non-users of VeriDoc Certificates?

09 Jan 2024

Yes, VeriDoc Certificates is designed to make certificate creating and sending easy and convenient for users. To prepare the certificate that will be sent, only the certificate creator (admin) needs to have a VeriDoc Certificates account.

VeriDoc Certificates is made to improve the speed and ease of your life. Therefore, we are glad if our users are satisfied. Without even considering enrolling them as VeriDoc Certificates users, this feature enables you to send any uploaded document to numerous viewers at once.

They will receive requests for editing or viewing in their individual inboxes. They can view or edit the certificate as needed after opening the VeriDoc Certificates email that was sent to them. You can verify the status of your uploaded document by logging into your VeriDoc Certificates account after they have completed their assigned job. Once the document has been edited or reviewed by the assigned people, it will be automatically placed in the blockchain, where it will remain completely secure and irreversible.

By automating your workflow, you may work more effectively and concentrate on crucial tasks. One of the tools that help you complete the document more quickly and boost productivity is the digital certificates solution. Therefore, whether you are experienced with them or not, implementing a solution like VeriDoc Certificates into your daily routine is essential.