In which industries can we use digital certificates?

09 Jan 2024

A digital certificate solution like VeriDoc Certificates assists you to create, send, verify, and store certificates securely, all under one solution. Here are some of the sectors in which VeriDoc Certificates can be used to smoothen the overall workflow:

Educational & Training Organisations - Easily secure educational certifications. Reduce income loss brought on by dishonest credentials and course dropouts. Spend less time answering employers who request proof of your academic and training qualifications.

Healthcare Organisations - Easily create medical certificates while protecting patient privacy. To make sure that patient databases haven't been altered or manipulated, health records can be cross-checked against encrypted digital hashes on the blockchain.

For Sports Certificates – Securing sports certificates with VeriDoc Certificates ensure that athletes are safeguarded against dishonest coaches and unethical sports organisations.

Government Organisations – Important documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, citizenship certificates, and many other documents are issued by the government. Authenticating these certificates and keeping them safe from fraudsters can help prevent ID theft as well as a number of other criminal activities.

Not only these, but VeriDoc Certificates also help to securely send and store certificates like personal (academic achievements or online course certifications), organisational (employee certificates & records), and many others.