Is there any limit to the number of users I can add to my account?

25 Oct 2023

If you purchase a VeriDoc Certificates subscription plan, you can share the certificate with multiple users depending on your subscription plan. Let's say you purchase a plan that provides 230 certificates to your balance each month; this means you can provide digital certificates to 230 students in a month. The best thing about the VeriDoc Certificate plan is that the unused certificates are rolled over in the balance for the next month. Customers will appreciate this attractive feature, which makes the VeriDoc Certificates subscription both effective and cost-effective.

Digital certificate software is taking over educational institutes and other certificate-distributing bodies. Thanks to its numerous features like document transparency, increased productivity, better time management, and outstanding security. In today's digitally advanced world, if you are running an educational institute and are unaware of digital certificates, you will miss out on great things. This might leave you behind your competition in the coming future. 

Educational institutes and businesses must wake up to the fact that technology is taking over every space. Do you still want to engage a productive team in attending calls and replying to emails for the certificate verification process? Do you want your students to wait for days ad a week only for the document verification? It is a complete waste of time and resources to do that.

With VeriDoc Certificates, the certification process can be simplified and managed more efficiently. Digital certificates can help you become more productive in less time. Additionally, if both parties live at different locations, you need to comprehend that a traditional certificate is merely a bottleneck. While delivery may take days, a digital signature solution can help you get the job done in minutes.