What are the benefits of using VeriDoc Certificates?

09 Jan 2024


Switching to digital certificates saves up to 90% of the time and responsibilities that go along with the traditional certificate-creating process. 

Minimal Operating Costs

By switching to digital certificates, you can save a lot of money as your certification costs are dramatically reduced. No more printing, storing, mailing, or manually verifying credentials will be required. You will only have to pay the subscription fees of the platform, which will assist you with managing digital certificates when using e-certificates.  

Secure and Verifiable 

The majority of Digital Credentials are based on blockchain technology, making them 100% secure, tamper-proof, verifiable, and permanent. As blockchain information, your digital certificates can be encrypted and stored securely. 

Furthermore, digital certificates simplify the verification process for issuers, recipients, and anyone else involved. Scanning the QR code that the certificate compromises are all that is needed for verification. 

Instant Delivery & Distribution 

When you digitize your certificates, you can eliminate any frustration caused by mail delays or transportation issues, such as tampering, theft, or loss in transit, because the digital delivery is instantaneous and free of charge, regardless of the receiver's location.

Data Storage 

You can break free from the slow and outdated certificate management process by adopting a digital certificate management system. You don't have to worry about drive space or buying extra space to store digital copies of physical certificates.