What are the differences between paper-based & digital certificates?

09 Jan 2024

Our lives are made simpler and more productive by going digital. Certificate preservation techniques of the past are no longer effective. Instead, moving to digital certificates can help you save time and money while also improving your or your organization's visibility.

Some of the most problematic features of traditional paper-based certificates are:

  • Easy to tamper

  • Prone to fraudulent activities or scams

  • Vulnerable to physical damage (water/fire damage, etc.)

  • Increases manual paperwork

  • Hard to store and maintain

  • Paper wastage

Knowing the hassles of paper certificates, let us now learn the advantages of digital certificates that you just can’t miss!

  • Your digital certificates are always accessible from anywhere and anytime.

  • No worry about manual errors in sending and verifying certificates

  • Saves effort and adds to overall productivity, but provides long-term market value for your brand.

  • No unnecessary hassles of scanning, printing, and mailing certificates

  • Saves a lot of money

  • Advanced blockchain security

VeriDoc Certificates is an end-to-end online certificate management solution that makes your work easy and hassle-free in every way. We offer some of the most attractive features that allow you to create, send, store, and verify certificates within minutes, from anywhere! Our affordable subscription plans are designed to be suited for small, medium, and large-scale organisations.