What is the value of using a blockchain to record events in the context of digital certificates?

26 Apr 2024

Improved Security

It is crucial that your data is protected, and blockchain technology will change the way your critical data is viewed. By creating an end-to-end encrypted record that is unalterable, blockchain helps protect your certificates from fraud and unauthorized activity. Instead of storing information on a single server, information is stored across a network of computers.

Greater Transparency

Organizers would have to maintain separate databases to store all certificates without blockchain. University courses run in different streams can get complicated, especially if there are hundreds of them. The blockchain technology simplifies the work and makes it easy to store all your data and information. A fully transparent network provides the same information to all participants with permission access. Fraud is eliminated as a result.

Instant Monitoring

Each step in the journey of an asset is documented with a blockchain audit trail. The proof is provided with just a click after access has been provided in industries troubled by counterfeiting and fraud. By using blockchain, customers can receive data about authenticity directly. Hence, digital certification makes the verification process effortless. Digital certificates can be authenticated instantly by the certificate verification team while the interview is in progress. With VeriDoc Certificates, the verification process can be completed in just 5 minutes instead of weeks. 

Increased Efficiency And Speed

In traditional processes, paper is heavily utilized, human errors are common, and third parties are often required to facilitate the process. It is possible to streamline certification processes with blockchain, making the process more efficient and faster. Blockchain technology eliminates the need to exchange paper documents. As a result, clearing and settlement are much faster since there is no need to reconcile multiple ledgers.