Where are my certificates stored?

09 Jan 2024

VeriDoc Certificates is a cloud-based digital certificate software and uses Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service (a service offered by Amazon Web Services) to store all certificates.

Our advanced blockchain technology ensures that your certificates are completely tamper-proof and instantly verifiable from anywhere and at any time. Every certificate has an exclusive QR code. Use any smart device to scan e-certificates within seconds. The original certificate will appear on the verification page for a final visual comparison check. A unique fingerprint of the original certificate is stored on the blockchain that is fully tamper-proof and secured from any misuse. It ensures the absolute authenticity of your valuable certificates.

No requirement for complicated coding or software. Once the certificate is designed, it can be used immediately. It allows increased productivity and improved efficiency.

Manage your education or business certificates with ease and improved security. With VeriDoc Certificates, take charge of your digital life. Now, sign and store certificates in one place that will make your life simpler and hassle-free. Your business needs your complete attention and time. Save effort and time by keeping your business running from anywhere and have an improved customer experience.

Always take advantage of technology improvements to boost the value of your brand. Today's cutting-edge technology for digital certificate verification is flawless.

VeriDoc Certificates help you boost your organization's overall productivity and efficiency by using patented verification technology to keep your digital certificates well-protected and at your fingertips!