Where to place the QR code on a digital certificate?

09 Jan 2024

Depending on where you want it, you can put the QR code wherever on the document. To make it simple for anyone who wants to check the document's contents by scanning the QR code, we suggest placing it somewhere toward the top of the first page.

Digital certificate software that uses QR code authentication is a revolutionary new way to protect and streamline all documentation procedures. Businesses and customers are utilising QR codes in a brilliant way to check the legitimacy of documents, certificates, items, and many other things. This idea is practically error-proof. Anyone can download a QR code scanner to their smartphone and instantly obtain all the information they require!

Businesses utilise blockchain verification with QR codes to check the validity of papers, certificates, payments, contact information, and much more. If your company is not employing QR codes for validation, you will undoubtedly lose out. Businesses today that use QR code authentication keep their documents safe, save time and money, complete tasks more quickly and easily, and can instantly identify false documents and information.

VeriDoc Certificates can be used to confirm and examine the legitimacy of credentials in a variety of industries, including:

  • Universities and training organizations

  • Healthcare

  • Sports

  • Building & Construction

  • Aviation

  • Professional Development

  • Government