Which blockchain is used by VeriDoc Certificates?

09 Jan 2024

VeriDoc Certificates digital certificate solution runs on VeriDoc Ledger, our very own blockchain created with businesses and governments in mind. Since VeriDoc Ledger is a branch of the Ethereum blockchain, it has benefited from seven years of blockchain research and smart contract development. The business chose Ethereum as the basis for its technology because of its reputation and track record as the second-largest blockchain in the world.

Blockchain offers total transparency. A transaction entered into the blockchain cannot be altered or tampered with after it has been made. And cryptography is used to encrypt transactions. Transparency exists in the transactions. It, therefore, turned out to be the ideal solution for trust issues. Blockchain enables data sharing within a business environment. There isn't just a single entity. In this way, you can do business or exchange information without being concerned that it will be compromised.

Blockchain creates trust amongst people even when it doesn't exist. Therefore, you are no longer required to disclose data. The deal is transparent and obvious. Using a blockchain-based digital certificate solution like VeriDoc Certificates, you can quickly validate any certificate you receive, anytime.

VeriDoc Certificates use a variety of authentication techniques. You are guaranteed a high level of security using these techniques. It assures that there is no fraud in relation to digital certificate storage and verification. Now you can send/receive and verify certificates within minutes!